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Monday, 25 February 2013

2013's New Mobile Devices

Manufacturers reveal what new mobile devices can be expected for release this year at the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) held this year in Barcelona, Spain features around 1,500 exhibitors introducing their newest mobile developments set to hit the market in the near future.

Below is a quick guide to the most interesting devices and mobile technology that has been revealed to be commercially available within the coming year.

Samsung Electronics will unveil it's next leading-smartphone, the Galaxy S4, on March 14th. No official announcement has been made by the company yet, but invitations sent out to a Samsung Unpacked event in March have underpinned and confirmed the rumors at the MWC that the event will include an unveiling of the S4. Some inside information has been leaked and 'unofficially' confirmed by Samsung employees. The rumored specifications include an eight-core Exynos processor, a separate eight-core graphics processor, 5" SuperAmoled display, 13mp camera with 1080p video recording and a 2mp front-facing camera - all running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. There is also talk of Samsung including their new security software Knox into the Galaxy S4 setup.
Furthermore, Samsung has used the MWC to introduce their new tablet, the Galaxy Note 8.0. With an 8" screen and a resolution of 189ppi it is a little larger and more detailed than Apple's iPad Mini. The  Galaxy Note 8.0 is finding heavy promotion as a tool for multitasking; providing the power to easily run and work with two apps in a split screen mode. Light enough to be held in a single hand, with the ability to make and receive calls and including a stylus called the S Pen; it has the potential to make some waves within the tablet market.
The Samsung HomeSync is a 1tb mobile hard-drive designed for easy home use. Enabling families to share their digital content and easily play it via their televisions, for example. 

The Chinese company used the MWC to announce "the world's fastest smartphone", the Ascend P2. It comes with a 4.7" 315ppi display and a 13mp camera. Their description is based upon the inclusion of a LTE Cat 4 chip, which should allow 4G download speeds of up to 150mps. A near field communication chip is also integrated to support wireless payments. It will also be comparatively slim, at 0.33" thickness. It is the screen however that makes allowances when compared to competitors, only providing a resolution of 720p, rather than 1080p for video playback. In turn, this may mean that the already large 2420mAh battery pack may last longer than those of the higher definition smartphones.

Have announced the release of a 16 gigabyte version of their successful budget tablet, the Acer Iconia B1.

After the failure of the TouchPad, HP is back with a vengeance; introducing their new tablet, the Slate7. It runs on Android and priced very competitively ($170). It's HP's first foray into the mini tablet market, and it is expected that more devices will follow. These will probably include more Android run tablets, as well as Windows tablets, as HP is already manufacturing the ElitePad business tablet the latter is not an unimaginable assumption. So far no reliable details on their smartphone development have seen the light of day, but it can be considered a safe bet that they will be running on Android.

The software manufacturer, best know for its browser Firefox, has made several announcements concerning the release of their Firefox Operating System and also the devices that will be running it. These will include the ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire.

More news on and technical specifications of soon-to-be released mobile devices can be expected during this week at the Mobile World Congress.

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