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Monday, 18 February 2013

Complete Video Guide to Meteorite in Russia

The meteorite incident in Russia demonstrates how the internet with its online community can enables end-to-end documentation of world events. Below, a comprehensive list of all the video footage of the event:

Documentation of the impact:

The change of 'light' from a camera in Chelyabinsk's central square:

The shockwaves:

The bright meteor light, "like a falling sun":

Most impressive footage, the meteor flying towards the camera:

Footage of meteor 300km from Chelyabinsk:

From Ekatarinburg, ca. 200km from Chelyabinsk:

Footage from Orenburg, ca. 750km from Chelyabinsk:

200km from Chelyabinsk:

The Russian 'reaction':

The shockwaves:

Meteor brighness:

Sonic boom:

As a small and amusing side note: The following YouTube video has been blocked on the German version of the site by the GEMA (society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) because of the music playing on the car radio. Talk of German efficiency...

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