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Friday, 8 February 2013

Could Ryanair Become Even More Unpopular

Ryanair are one of the least popular brands among consumers, largely due to their open policy for neglecting customer service. People accepted this when Ryanair's flights were dramatically cheaper than their competitors, yet this is no longer the case and there are numerous low cost competitors. So it is probably time that Ryanair started to become more connected with their customers, right? Apparently not, as the Irish airline have announced plans that will see them even further removed from their customers.

The company's new Head of Communications, Robin Kiely, stated that the company could turn their back on social media and instead return to more traditional methods of interaction with their customers. This is certainly a bold move and one that is unlikely to be successful, considering the instantaneous nature of communication between brands and their customers. Although knowing Ryanair, this could always be a publicity stunt...

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