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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New Facebook Smilies: A work in progress.

Matt Jones has been selected by Facebook as the artist to design their new smilies!
Jones confirmed that the current Facebook smilies are very mild and stereotyped. The aim is to give a real feeling to these little faces on the chat.
Let's peek to the Jones' sketches!

Matt Jones' task is not so easy. The artist, who can boast an important role as an illustrator for Pixar, is approaching it through studies about human expressions, colours and 3D.

Some of the feelings that Jones has to convert into Facebook smilies are surprise, gratitude, guilt and relief. The aim is to have the ability to use a cartoon face that really express a feeling.

Regarding the colours, the purpose is to avoid the common yellow. Anyway to think about a different colour is not easy as it would be possible to incurring in racial implications using specific colours or give a cold feeling using the Facebook's blue. Lastly, the 3D will play an important role in this task, as well making the smilies seem realistic.

At this point we can only wait for the release of these new smilies and wish the artist good luck!

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