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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

2 minutes and 38 seconds of happiness!

A video uploaded just 6 days ago has already amassed more then 1,400,000 views, more then 17,000 Likes and nearly 4,000 comments...

You cannot miss this 2,38 minutes of granted happiness!
Old Nana is becoming famous among the YouTube users, at the age of 88!
As you can see in the video "Dancing Nana", the grandma Nana has fun dancing to the 1961 pop hit, "Runaround Sue."

The channel, Nana Feole, has gained 3,683 subscribers, 1,068,013 video views and there are only 3 videos so far!

The last video, "Dancing Nana part II", was uploaded only 1 day ago and has already gained 36,900 views and 631 Likes.

The charm of old Nana will take hold of your hearts! You can't miss it!

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