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Monday, 4 March 2013

British Indie Film Released Exclusively on Xbox

The British independent film Pulp is being exclusively released today via Xbox Live, so becoming the first film in history to do so.

Rather than being a 'straight-to-DVD' release, creator Adam Hamdy negotiated a release on Microsoft's digital gaming platform. Microsoft has been planning to open up Xbox Live for more general, non-gaming home entertainment and is looking to release further films in the future.

This will be particularly interesting for independent films with a limited budget that cannot afford a theatrical release. And few distributors are willing to make a gamble on a film with no bankable actors or director, due to marketing and distribution often costing upward of £2 million.

A multimedia platform like Xbox Live could enliven an industry segment that has been stuggeling hard recently - even production companies with an amicable track record, like Revolver, have been forced to cut back financially.

Pulp is released today exclusively on Xbox Live.

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