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Monday, 18 March 2013

5 Tips To Prepare For AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns from +Google Ads may seem easy to switch over to, but really should be thought about in depth, as they represent a diametric change in the way advertisers set up and manage their mobile, tablet and desktop Internet marketing campaigns.

Tips To Start With Enhanced Campaigns

  1. Before you dive right in, take the time to understand Enhanced Campaigns and the changes and intricacies they offer different from regular ad campaigns on AdWords
  2. Develop a mobile strategy where you decide how you will handle users based on their proximity and the medium they're using to browse
  3. Chart out the best way for your business to effectively leverage the new features on offer to increase sales, downloads, leads or footfall in your store
  4. Ad creative should be differentiated according to medium and messaging, so as to maximise chances of customer engagement. If the mobile offer is different at different times of the day or according to user location, the ad creative should clearly reflect this
  5. Research usage patterns from your existing campaigns to identify any bottlenecks, areas of improvement or requirements that you're not addressing well in a particular medium and then design your Enhanced Campaigns to address this shortfall.

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