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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A New App For Female Safety.

The violence against woman has always been highly visible in society. Nowadays, many woman are more aware of this problem and several NGO’s, associations and government bodies are acting to prevent and reduce this phenomena. In recent news, technology is also to make a contribution to this. In fact a new mobile app for woman' security was realised at the beginning of April.

The app was developed by an Italian communication society - Kulta - and it is the first app for women's security ever released in Italy. Currently it is only available in Italian, but it will be available in English and launched on the International market very soon.

Opening the app, Siamo Sicure, four buttons are displayed and each of them offers a difference service:
  1. The red button makes it possible to activate alarms and sounds, which aim is to catch the aggressor by surprise and attract the attention of any people in the vicinity. Moreover it is possible to program this button to act as a flashlight with an SOS signal
  2. By pressing the blue button a call to emergency services will be initiated. It is necessary to set up the number of the emergency service, like 112, in settings before activating the app. 
  3. By clicking on the orange button it is possible to send a "help SMS" to a specific number of people. The text will indicate where the victim is located allowing friends or parents to know immediately what it is happening and where
  4. The pink button, finally, has the function of preventing and educating. It displays a 10 pieces of advice for avoiding dangerous situations
The app is free and available for Android and iOS platforms. Once you've downloaded it, it is very important to tailor the settings to your preferences. It is also important to be sure that the app is activated, especially in situations that seem they could be dangerous.

Even if it is the first app in the Italian market, it is not the first in the International market. In fact, especially in India where this problem is more developed, there are already several apps to help woman in difficult situations. 

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