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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Crouwdsourcing evidence could play a key role in the Boston bombing investigation

Investigators of the Boston bombing will be looking to source video and photo material of the crime scene from the public.

Although government surveillance is employed, it nay still miss more than it catches.

The recent falling meteor in Russia is a good example of the extent we, privately, document our lives – as extensive video evidence of the spectacle was filmed and shared online.

The government departments have understood that some key evidence might have been captured by spectators of the marathon and have begun the process of gathering the footage. The Boston Police Department has issued a statement, asking for any video taken at the finish line of the race.

Until now, the majority of the footage that can be found online has been taken from news agencies.

It is likely that the FBI will soon be releasing details in regard to how such footage can be shared with the investigating officials, while making another public appeal for any footage from around the blast area before it took place.

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