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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Let's talk... by Skype.

According to recent data, people love to speak and share information through online media channels/programs. Elisa Steele, corporate vice-president of Skype, stated that over two billion minutes are spent on Skype every 24 hours, the same time needed to travel from the Earth to Mars 5,400 times.
Every day 280 million Skype users spend 38 centuries chatting. This is the results of the last statistics on the consumption of Skype.

Through the years Skype developed quite quickly, becoming one of the most used communication programs with people all around the world. Especially in the last two years, when the use of Skype's services increased a lot. In 2012 an increase of 44% has been registered, an increase of 167 billion minutes on the previous year. In the last 2 years Skype has seen more users join than double the combined total of all other international telecommunication companies, accounting for one on third of worldwide telecommunication system.

The principle advantage offered by this program is the possibility of contacting people all around the world in an easy and free (or at least low cost) manner. In fact the basic version allows calls, video calls and messages for free to other Skype contacts. Moreover it is possible to top up credit to call or text mobile and land line numbers for a very cheap price.

Perhaps is not a case that it could develop so much just in the last two years, when the worldwide economic crisis increased as well. Also a recent study by Ovum could help me to support this personal theory. In fact, the study revealed that in 2012 Skype and other free or low cost message programs, such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Apple iMessage, subtracted around 23 billion dollars from the revenue of the big tlc companies and this is expected to increase to $54 billion in 2016.

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