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Friday, 3 May 2013

Monitor Your Children's Online Habits, Via the Cloud!

Limiting the amount of time that children spend online is one of the toughest challenges that parents of the digital era face, especially considering how busy most modern parents are! So many will be relieved to discover that a way of moderating their kids' internet usage, via the cloud, is on the way.

Source: Mashable

Skydog supply a Wi-Fi router that is accompanied by a mobile companion site (also available on desktop), enabling parents to monitor each device that connects to the network. Considering that the majority of kids are now operating multi-device, this will certainly be a helpful product for concerned parents. Not only does it display usage, it also provides information on the sites visited and the subsequent bandwidth usage. The invention has already reached it's Kickstarter fundraising target, so expect production to begin soon.

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