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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The new Google +


My experience:
When I opened my Google + this morning I was in for a surprise, to say the least. Google + has changed their whole lay out. My cover photo is humongous and so is the Google Hang Out bar. Google + looks a lot like Pinterest now. Instead of just one block with updates you get to see two blocks. This causes you to wonder where you should be looking and makes you think you're missing out on something. A new feature is that on the upper left hand side you'll get a number in a square with updates you need to click on before you actually get to see them on your page. Yesterday I could just be busy with other things on the net without having to be concerned about my updates. Now I can imagine myself being busy with writing my articles and scrolling the net for a bit, only to find that there are 154 updates. Where is the fun in that? I noticed that some of the pictures look larger than others. These pictures look like the highlighted pictures in Facebook. A colleague commented that we should call the new Google Plus Pinter/Facebook. At the office we are not too positive about the new Google +...

According to Google...

The search giant says they want to take on Facebook with no less than 41(!) new features. Let’s have a look at the two biggest new features. Google tries to bridge the gap by sprucing up their photo features. Google now provides a picture enhancement tool without having to use a program like Photoshop. The tool can automatically improve skin tones, remove red eyes and sharpen colours. Picture storage for each Google + user will go up to 15 gigabytes. After snapping a picture on a mobile device Google offers to back up pictures immediately. To generate more traffic the social media site will provide users with automatic hashtags to identify the topic that is discussed in a photo or post. Users will still have the option of forbidding or editing the hashtag if they don’t agree with it. If you click on the hashtag you will be redirected to similar pictures and posts. If friends and family talk about the same subject they will appear on top of the page.

Around 400 million people log into Google + of which 190 million people are active users. Many people have tied the social network site to their Gmail though. Facebook has 1.1. Billion active users so it looks like Google + still has quite a long way to go…

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