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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Xbox New Product Reveal Gives Food For Thought

Whilst browsing Twitter this morning, I noticed that the current promoted trend is #XboxReveal and clearly this means that the day has finally arrived for Microsoft to unveil the latest incarnation of the games console. However this led me to think, surely such a large announcement from one of the world's biggest global companies should be able to trend independently?

Surely Microsoft should have been slowly building hype towards the launch of the product over the past few weeks or months, yet this is the first I have heard about it.

I immediately thought to myself that this would be a great moment for Sony to generate buzz for their PlayStation 4, piggybacking on Microsoft's announcement. Leaking their own rumours for fueling the speculation over the specifications or image of the product would certainly be wise at this time. 

Then, as soon as I logged into Facebook, I came across the image below!


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