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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

10 most annoying updates on social media!

Today we play together!
According to a recent research study, there are 10 annoying habits that social media users possess.
You will find them below in a random order. Try to guess the correct order and let us know in the comment below. The solution will be revealed next week, on Wednesday!

What is most annoying on social media:
  1. Proud parents
  2. Constant engagers
  3. Checker-inners
  4. Boasting about dieting and exercise
  5. Self-promoters
  6. Overshares
  7. Game inviters
  8. Posting pictures of food
  9. Cryptic status updates
  10. Event spammers 
Which do you think the correct order is? Write it in the comments below, without peeking on the web!, and come back on the 12th of June; I will give you the correct answers!

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