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Friday, 26 July 2013

Ads on Instagram not ruled out

Facebook, who bought Instagram back in April 2012, released a statement Wednesday saying that there are no immediate plans to include ads in the popular photo-sharing app. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said their focus for now is to increase Instagram's user footprint, then went on to say “We expect that over time we will generate a lot of profit from it, and that will probably be through advertising". 

Facebook makes most of its money from advertising, but monetizing their presence on smartphones and tablets has given them particular success. Zuckerberg said on Wednesday they will soon create more revenue through mobile services than desktop services.
Although Facebook is not running ads on Instagram just yet, businesses are still utilizing this tool to promote their products. Take General Electric for example. GE has posted many filtered pictures of their machinery to their Instagram account, which has nearly 140,000 followers. 

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