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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Doug Engelbart has died aged 88 on 4th of July.

Born on 30th January 1925 in Portland, Oregon, Engelbart was best known for inventing the computer mouse in the 1960s.

Doug Engelbart developed the first prototype in 1964 as a small wooden box with two metal wheels. Sadly, Engelbart gained no money from his invention. Although he received a patent in 1967, his mouse only found a practical application in 1983, by which time his patent had expired. In 1968 a public demonstration of the tool took place at the Joint Computer Conference at the Convention Center of San Francisco.

Later, the company Xeros built the first computer including a mouse, Star. It was here that Steve Jobs saw Xeros' project and developed the idea of creating the Apple Lisa and Macintosh, the first personal computers with a graphical interface and mouse. As we know, this led to great commercial successes for Jobs.

Engelbart studied electrical engineering at Oregon State University and served as a radar technician during World War II. He also obtained experience working as an electrical engineer at Nasa's predecessor (Naca). Beside the mouse, Engelbart also worked on the first forms of electronic mail, on computer processors and video conferencing.

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