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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How the Catholic Church has been changed by social media influence.

The power and influence of social media is no longer a surprise. Only some months ago we were reflecting about how political communication could be changed through social networks. Today we can even discuss the influence of social media on one of the largest religious institutions, the Catholic Church.
After Pope Benedict XVI started a Twitter account some months ago, nowadays the Vatican's Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary publication affirms that the new Pope Francis (since Benedict’s Twitter adventure much has changed in the Catholic Church) will also be giving "plenary indulgences" to his Twitter followers.

The event will happen in occasion of the World Youth Festival (taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 23-28 of July). Beside giving "plenary indulgences" to all those attending the meeting in person - which is a tradition - the Pope this year will give forgiveness also to all those following the Festival from other countries and cities by television, radio and social media.

We can affirm that social media has completely changed the way that the Catholic Church communicate with the Catholic faithful.

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