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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

iPad games become mandatory coursework.

At Olds College in Olds, Canada, playing video games has become far more than a distraction from work and has actually become a required piece of work itself! The game in question is called Lemonade Stand and has been introduced to the curriculum as part of a mandatory class on entrepreneurship. It is hoped that the management of a virtual lemonade stand will help students to realise what kind of work goes into the running of all kinds of businesses.
Olds College's iPad game Lemonade Stand is a central part of a course that covers topics ranging from business planning to marketing to financial topics such as cash flow.
Another canadian school, Concordia University in Montreal, have indie game Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery on the reading list of their contemporary Canadian fiction class. The game was chosen to show the students that literature isn't just found inside the pages of books. The game itself received mixed reviews from students, but all said that it reinforced the point their lecturer was trying to make

One of the challenges teachers face when incorporating video-games into the classroom is resistance from parents who see it as representing a 'dumbing down' of education. However, many teachers remain adamant that to really engage children you need to bring education to them, rather than force them towards it.

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