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Friday, 25 October 2013

Big tablet & Dizzee Rascal; the recipe to beat Apple?

If you were around Trafalgar Square yesterday you may well have noticed a bleedin' great publicity stunt involving everyone's favourite mainstream "grime" artist and a bunch of school kids.  And a massive tablet, obviously.

This was all to draw attention to Microsoft's follow-up to the nowhere near as popular as the iPad tablet, the Surface. As far as publicity stunts go it ticked the boxes. Big, bold and in a tourist hotspot: check. Cute kids for photo-ops: check. Beloved local celeb to add an element of parentally-approved coolness: check.

Although the guys at Microsoft PR HQ are no doubt celebrating the success of the event (it is, after all, being covered on the much respected AccuraCast Friday blog post), I have my doubts as to whether it will really take much of a bite out of Apple's tablet market share.

Firstly, Apple's recent unveiling of the iPad Air focused on the product, its cool new whistles and bells and the benchmark for how good tech is - being well slim. Add to this the OMG moment that Apple's next OS update "Mavericks" will be free to any and all Apple customers, and you've got a markedly less gaudy press event that seems more suitable for a respected tech giant.

The thing that gets my goat about the whole thing is the giant tablet angle. Tablets are meant to be portable, which is why Apple's slimmer, lighter, but no less powerful iPad had tech nerds foaming at the mouth (and possibly other orifices), whilst the big tablet in the square missed the mark for me.

It's a moot point, really. Early reviews of the Surface 2 are not favourable, even with Dizzee's personal thumbs up.

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