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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Samsung scoops the prize for most accurate touch screens.

In news that may surprise some iPhone users, Samsung's devices were the clear winners when Finnish firm OptoFidelty pitted the two brands against each other in a battle for the most accurate mobile touch screen title. Using a device called the Touch Panel Performance Tester (geek for robot finger) OptoFidelty touched every single point on each devices screen and gave each coordinate a pass or a fail mark. To gain a pass, the device must register a touch within 1mm of the actual location of the performance testers robot finger.
OptoFidelty performed accuracy measurements by tapping the phones across the screen and comparing the touch position with reported coordinates.
The testing found that the Samsung Galaxy S3 device only lost accuracy along the edges, supposedly a deliberate design decision to act as an additional bezel. This puts the S3 miles ahead of the two iDevices tested, which only scored a pass mark for 75% of the screens surface.

Many are putting this alarming result down to the fact that in a bid to produce "shocking" results, the Finnish firm purposely didn't take into account the perspective compensation technology built into the iOS software. This feature recognises that the point a user is intending to touch, and then where their finger actually lands, is based on the angle at which the screen is being viewed. It is also believed that apple deliberately registers their users touches slightly above the centre of the contact area in an effort to register touches from the tip of a finger.

So if this is common knowledge, then why set out to smear Apple with an unfair test? Well it isn't a bad bit of publicity for the OptoFidelty , with the story getting coverage on CNET, Apple Insider, the Daily Mail, International Business Times and Geek. A story reporting the results the other way around, "more expensive phone has better screen," isn't quite as headline grabbing is it?

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