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Friday, 29 November 2013

Black Friday Fever Grips UK Internet Shoppers and Social Media Users

Another great American tradition has managed to sneak its way over the UK, with retailers using it as an excuse to offer heavy discounts and drive sales on the final payday before Christmas. Unsurprisingly this has proven to be a success with many consumers lapping up the deals and bragging about them on social media, myself included.

Amazon UK are using this to great effect, with 'lightning deals' being introduced with limited stock throughout the day and the discounts on these products are quite impressive. Head over to the site to see the great range of offers currently available and also upcoming promotions, keep in mind that you need to act fast and that Amazon give you a 15 minute window to complete the transaction.

You can also keep track of these #LightningDeals via Twitter, where Amazon are regularly posting new offers!

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