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Friday, 1 November 2013

Dell Causes a Big Stink

This is an LG which, as far as i'm aware, don't smell of wee or poo.
Some time ago I wrote a piece about the Internet's preoccupation with cats. Whilst the power of cats as a tool for internet virality is undisputed, a tech company recently fell foul of one of the less desirable aspects of the domestic feline: the smell of their urine.

Confused? Understandable. Hardware manufacturer Dell had to make the rather embarrassing admission that their Latitude 6430u laptops stunk like a kitty's no.1.

First noticed in June, reviews of the laptop by dissatisfied customers frequently mentioned the smell of cat pee emanating from the keyboard. Dell did little to attend to these claims until last month when one more scientifically minded (or perhaps cynical) user suggested that this may be down to a potentially hazardous plastic polymer used in the manufacturing process. Predictably, Dell then leaped into action to investigate the issue, which confirmed there was no inherent danger accompanying the issue, and new versions of the laptop no longer radiate the unpleasant odour.

It's sad that it took the erroneous suggestion of harmful chemicals and accompanying the threat of huge fines and irreparably bad PR if these claims proved true, to make Dell take action. Customer satisfaction clearly isn't their top priority.

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