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Friday, 15 November 2013

The Content Marketing Show - Slides, Swearing and a Humbling Level of Insight

So, having been a part of the AccuraCast team for almost half a year (oh how time flies!), last week I embarked on my first company outing. The destination? The Content Marketing Show!

I won't bore you with my morning travel woes (which I blame almost entirely on Gary's erroneous station recommendations) and just get down to brass tacks.  

Comprised of 15 presentations from helpful industry experts (and a few who just wanted to plug their new apps) the show covered a wealth of topics from optimizing your social media campaigns, content strategy, all the way to obtaining prime-time TV coverage. Most of it was interesting, a fair bit of it went over my head and some of it I outright refused to listen to. Why? Because it contradicted the person who'd just spoken and I'd rather naively come with the intention of finding a content marketing Messiah to teach me all the tricks.

Unfortunately, the greatest insight I gained from the show is that there really aren't all that many tricks. I'm not saying it was a waste of time, far from it, but (and I'm about to get quite corny here) it did serve to give me a greater insight into the depth of the industry I've recently found myself in.

If there was any one presentation that stuck with me it was Hannah Smith's Throwing Shit Against the Wall & Analysing What Sticks... Not only because I'm a sucker for casual swearing, but her trial-and-error, don't be afraid to fail resonated with my early time here at AccuraCast.

Here are few of her slides to illustrate the gist of her presentation:

What do you want your content to achieve and the form it should take.

How Gmail tabs have changed the way email promotion works - you need shares to get through that promotions tab!

How a simple idea (that seems lazy) can be wildly successful cos ppl iz stoopid.

You'l be hearing more about the Content Marketing Show in the coming weeks as we critique the presenters' ideas and steal their slides.

Have a good weekend!

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