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Thursday, 5 December 2013

After 35 years, a man apologises to his victim through Facebook for stealing his bus pass

Left: Claude Soffel Right: Michael Goodman  

In the 1970s a gentleman called Michael Goodman mugged Claude Soffel's bus pass outside the Museum of Natural History in New York. He was arrested immediately after the incident. Years later, Goodman recognised the name of his victim when he read in the newspaper about a bagel shop closing down. He decided to send him a private message. Here is their exchange of messages:

Mr Goodman: "You may not remember this (about 1976 or '77) but a long long time ago... trying to look like a tough guy... I walked up to you and mugged you for your bus pass.

I have never forgotten the incident or your name. Finally I can say I'm very sorry. So once again I'm truly sorry for taking your bus pass back then."

Mr Soffel: "Clearly you're a bigger man today. I recognise your name now as well. So, apology accepted. So let us now, jointly put this in its proper place, behind us," he wrote.

Mr Goodman: "My father had to leave work and come and get me from the police station (I was a minor at the time) and he was not too happy with me to say the least."

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