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Friday, 13 December 2013

Willkommen Jessica!

So, as if to nail home the unfortunate fact that Julia will be leaving us at the end of next week, back to Germany or Brazil or university or something, Farhad got us a new German! Her name's Jessica, she's from Hamburg...and I don't really know much more about her as she's spent most of the day speaking German and giggling with Julia and I'm a typically stubborn monolingual Brit.

She wasn't happy about me taking photos of her, which is often the case with girls but as I had a completely legitimate reason for doing so I think she was being unreasonable. I'm sure she'll warm to the idea (if not me) over time.

In other news, it's the AccuraCast Christmas meal tonight and we're going to Shaka Zulu in Camden, where I plan to eat an entire wildebeest with a side of crocodile. We've all dressed up nice like, which is nice...like. With that in mind, here's some photos of the Christmassy office.

And a photo of a crocodile and wildebeest enjoying a swim together. I don't know which looks tastier.

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