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Friday, 7 February 2014

Google Bravely Rallies Behind Gay Athletes or Just Practices Good PR or Something

This isn't the first time I've written a post about Google doodles, and based on how I always leave my posts until the very last minute it probably won't be the last, but today's Google doodle is quite intriguing.

Admittedly not as fun as the Dr.Who game or that potion brewing thing from last year, today's Google doodle snappily expresses Google's position on the whole Sochi/Russian mega-homophobia controversy that's been in the media for absolutely ages.

Don't let my flippancy trick you into thinking I don't hold a position on this - I'm firmly on the side of love, acceptance and basic respect for other human beings. In other words, I believe the situation in Russia's mental, archaic and has no place in a modern world ruled by reason. And Google obviously does too. Which is nice because I don't want my uberpowerful megacorporations run by bigots.

However, is it really newsworthy? Look at one of the social share bars from articles that covered the rainbow flavoured doodle (Eyes right).

Yes, that's over 62,000 social media thingys for this one article. All Google did was confirm that it's not evil, soulless and malevolent and the whole world thinks it's ridonkulosly amazeballs or something. Surely it has a responsibility as a forward-thinking modern corporation to do this anyway.

Whatever, I'm just peeved that if I change my Facebook status to: "I don't think mindlessly assaulting the LGBT community's okay" I probably won't get as many likes. A few thousand, tops.

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