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Friday, 28 February 2014

Listen, Cutts

Google bigwig and SEO prophet Matt Cutts yesterday fell foul of a rather sharp SEO professional by the name of Dan Barker, shaking the foundations of our profession's belief in the infallibility of the mighty Cutts' decrees.

Cutts had taken to Twitter to announce a new reporting tool that aids content owners in their fight against scraper sites. The tool allows content owners to flag instances in which scraped content achieves a higher ranking than the original source. This is a good thing, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, Barker rather astutely observed that Google's Knowledge Graph is by far the internet's greatest scraper of content. To illustrate his point, he posted a screenshot of a Google Knowledge Graph SERP for the term "scraper site", revealing that the Knowledge Graph definition had been scraped....from Wikipedia of all places.

Given Cutts' massive Twitter following the retweets and favourites came in thick and fast - around 13,000 and 11,000 respectively. BURN!!

To unnecessarily quote 300: "Even a god king can bleed".

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