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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Facebook welcomes David Cameron as their latest high profile advertiser.

Facebook's advertising platform has run into its fair share of criticism over the years. Whether it be for low return on investment; decreasing the reach of brands trying to use Facebook as a free marketing platform or the eerie way it seems to know more about us than even we do, it certainly hasn't been an easy ride for the social media giant since it became a public company.

Luckily for them, Facebook advertising has a new advocate: David William Donald Cameron.
Looking every bit the leader

Journalists have begun to notice the meteroic rise in the number of Facebook users who 'like' David Cameron. In fact, he has aquired almost 70,000 new fans in the last month alone.

While some might assume that Cameron has simply enjoyed a surge in popularity in the last month, those in the know believe that Facebook advertising is the source of his new found popularity. And how much did Facebook earn by pushing 70,000 budding young Tories towards David's online profile? Some experts believe it could be as much as £7,500 .

While it is easy to understand the logic behind the Conservative party's decision to give Cameron's Facebook a little bit of a boost (likes and votes are basically the same thing, right?), they might be more than a little disappointed to know that his Facebook soapbox might not let the message be heard as far and wide as previously assumed.

Recent studies have shown that a Facebook post that hasn't been amplified using their paid "boosting" functionality can expect to see their message reach as few as 2% of the page's potential audience. In David's case, this equates to just 2,600 people.

Does the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a man who can barely pull on a wellie without it becoming a media storm (bad choice of words perhaps) need to pay £7,500 to reach 2,600 people? I think not.

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