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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How Far Will A UK Pension Take You Abroad?

Us Brits like to complain, and there's perhaps nothing that grinds our gears as much as the ever-ascending age of retirement. As it moves steadily toward 70 and with life expectancy around 80, many of us will be looking to make as much of our autumn years as we possibly can.

For some that will mean ticking off the remaining bucket list (i.e. shaving a coconut; learning how to surf; completing that Spartan Sprint...); for many it will be spending time with family and friends; and for others it will mean living abroad.

Who doesn't dream about that Mediterranean villa, sunning yourself and sipping Merlot on the veranda? Or perhaps you fancy sending your remaining years away from Europe, scuba diving off the coast of New Zealand perhaps?

Whatever your overseas dream, how likely is it that this goal will be made a reality?

In order for UK citizens to discover how for their pension will go abroad we've put together a graph to show the average size of pension pots around the globe versus cost of living. Recent research has suggested the average UK pension will bring in £15,800 for British retirees. How far will this pension spread across the globe? 

Take a look at the interactive graph below:

Source: OffshoreLiving.org Interactive Graph of Pensions Abroad

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