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Thursday, 14 August 2014

15 Awesome Stats From Google That Will Change How You Think About Marketing

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google search results

40 Million calls on average are made each month to businesses directly from their Google ads

85% will shop for a gift by starting on one device and finishing on another, relying on links, search, and shopping carts to pick things back up

79% of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers

14% of UK car customers purchased online and 56% of them researched online prior to purchasing

70% of people don't know where the want to go when first looking into booking a trip

30% of affluent travelers have booked last-minute trips from a mobile device

58% of viewers find online ads particularly helpful in discovering shows coming out on networks they do not watch regularly

7 hours are spent by most students researching back-to-school purchases

86% of students supplement course content with digital content they found themselves

77% of UK patients used search prior to scheduling an appointment

Only 12% of UK customers purchased healthcare and beauty products online

58% of car insurance customers purchased online

46% of personal loan customers purchased online

85% of people look for local information on their smartphone and 81% take action as a result

Sources: Google, Ipsos, M/A/R/C Research, IPOS, TNS, TRU, Hospital Selection

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