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Monday, 15 September 2014

Robot journalists - bringing fact-like, unoriginal articles to the creatively-challenged

The Los Angeles Times are employing robot journalists. And we don't just mean lazy-eyed, Monday morning, zombie-esque journos who bash out thoughtless, unoriginal copy. This is much more 'oh-god-they've-replaced-the-Tesco's-staff-with-scanners, WHERE WILL THE JOBS GO?, help us, save us, call Bob Geldof' type stuff.


These machines can, apparently, if not interpret data, at least select the decent parts from it, choose editorial angles and employ stock phrases and generic words to bash out an article. What an unforgettable read that is going to be!

But not only is this idea a stab in the heart of creativity, isn't it just begging for a repeat of the #IanWatkinsMistakeGate, i.e. that time innocent, little, post-the-curtains-hairdo H from Steps was brutally mistaken for the all-raping super paedo Ian Watkins from The Lost Prophets? (May he burn forever in the fire and brimstone, by the way). I'm pretty sure a computer won't be able to read the words 'Ian Watkins' and be able to differentiate one past-it pop star from the other.

And what a...

that will be.

(Did you actually click play? Shame on you!)

So while robots may take over the journalists' jobs and save the conglomerate-owning bastards a few measly dollars a year in wages, it will end up costing them a hell of a lot more in legal fees after they've suffered a good sueing or two.

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