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Thursday, 11 September 2014

GoPro’s Dynamite YouTube Strategy

The California-based digital camera manufacturer is in the top 5 ranked brand channels on YouTube according to Touchstorm, with a mammoth following of over 2.2 million and an average awesome ranking of 110.

Brands only account for around 2% of YouTube channels, so GoPro must be doing something right in order to keep their place at the top. How do they keep their viewers engaged and bouncing with excitement?

If your answer includes “because they produce the type of adrenaline fuelled adventure videos most of us dream about acting out while surrounded by scantily clad ladies, as we are sitting at our desk creating excel sheets and spilling lukewarm coffee on ourselves” then yes, you’re half way there.

They also implement one of the smartest YouTube strategies we have seen. Not only do they interact directly with viewers and the YouTube community, they also hold competitions and events to directly encourage YouTube users to buy and create videos with their products.

On GoPro’s most popular video there are nearly 34 million views and over 28 thousand comments.

It also isn’t uncommon to see GoPro waging in on conversations on their YouTube channel and giving users advice and help on how to operate their fancy new gear.

GoPro have put some serious thought into this strategy and have turned over one of the largest fan bases in YouTube history. YouTube subscribers are a massively important factor in becoming an internet sensation like GoPro.

They like, share and comment on your video and create velocity, which in turn makes YouTube notice you and promote your video even further. YouTube marketers could learn a thing or two from this awesome company.

Just remember: buying this £359.99 equipment will not give you the awesome SoCal lifestyle the model lookalikes have in the videos. You will still have your regular life, sorry.

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