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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Google Testing SERPs Without Bold Text

Google's always drawn attention to relevant words in the search results by formatting the words in the listing that match the search query  with bold text. Now, they are testing a new search engine results page format where all listings are in plain text with no words in bold.

SERP Test Without Bold Text

Normal SERP With Bold Text

I can definitely see why the new test might actually appeal to many users. Now that all advertisers and webmasters have cottoned on to the benefits of including keywords in the ad text, titles and descriptions - more relevance, bold text highlighting your listings and therefore higher click-through rates - they're all doing it.

As a result, regular search results pages are littered with bold text, making them look rather busy and not doing much to distinguish one result from the other. In some ways, this levels the playing field again.

Do you think this new SERP formatting without bold text should become a permanent change?

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