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Monday, 24 November 2014

If it's worth doing...

In light of recent social media slip ups by silly politicians posting pictures construed as a slight on patriotic working classes, I thought it would be interesting to look at instances when social media is done right.

(Although considering this particular politician has since resigned from her post, perhaps the only way to do social media is the Jennifer Lawrence way: not to do it at all.)

Tesco Mobile:

Although some might interpret Tesco Mobile's tweeting habits as slightly passive aggressive, their genius team of social media marketers are definitely doing a good job of winning over those who aren't comedically-challenged. Considering how quickly people share Buzzfeed articles or funny videos on Reddit, humour is key when you're trying to grow in the eyes of the social media overlords.


The gods who brought us Nutella have also managed a pretty nifty, tasty looking Facebook page. Their posts are brimming with useful, informative food-porn ideas for the ever-hungry office workers browsing the corridors of FB in that excruciating period of the day when it's not yet socially acceptable to go and grab lunch. Photo food posts are a great way of generating bigger audiences, as soon as people stop salivating for long enough to click 'follow'.  


Dove's is currently going for the human appeal with its current 'real beauty' and 'legacy' campaigns. They've crammed their videos with confidence-boosting material, appealing to the 'average-joe' woman or young people concerned with body-image. It's doing a world of good for creating brand awareness, and also a lot of good for the world. Watch this

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