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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Google and Artificial Intelligence

Movies such as Terminator and I robot might not be as far off as we'd like to think. Google is having discussions regarding its fears of advancement in Artificial Intelligence (or A.I). They have assembled a team in London to work on adding A.I to Google features. They make up Google's "DeepMind" which was established back in 2004.

We've already seen examples of A.I in mobile phones such as Siri and Cortana, however A.I come in many different forms. The younger generation will be very familiar with them as they are commonly found in computer games.  AI have come a very long way especially in gaming, from the ghosts in PAC MAN that follow you around on a 2D map to AI being able to fly and operate combat helicopters and tanks. (ARMA.)

The team at Google DeepMind are trying to apply AI to Google services. By getting AI to think like humans it could lead to breakthroughs in loads of Google services. For example it could improve the mobile voice search and even enhance the YouTube recommendation section.

The leader of DeepMind group, Demis Hassabis has spoken about some of his fears over advancing AI. Co founder Shane Legg also agrees that it could be robots that finish us off. 

There are several other people outside of Google that are also worried about the future of AI. Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are concerned that robots will one day become so advanced that they may able to independently think and decide to attack humans.

Fortunately for us this is quite a long time away,  and AI is just at the right stage to give us a challenging game of chess!

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