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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wearable Tech becoming viable Option for Multi-platform Marketing

Wearable technology is advancing. Items such as the Google Glass and watches that measure your heart rate/ fitness are great examples of wearable tech. One way advertisers are starting to dip in to the ever growing market of wearable technology is by using FitAd, a wearable advertising platform aimed at Heath/Fitness brands.

People are always looking for innovative new ways to help them get fit. This would explain why mobile health software has the highest amount of engagement when compared to other kinds of Apps. FitAd takes advantage of the engagement around health apps by using a combination of programmatic advertising and direct seller channels.

The founder of the app said "FitAd capitalizes on what we call ‘Moments.’ Moments mark the start, completion or achievement of an important milestone within a fitness and health app or website,” "At these Moments, it is appropriate to match advertising to the Moment so that brands can acknowledge, recognize, reward or challenge users.”

Moments can consist of any positive lifestyle choices that can be captured through an app or website. This can including going for a run, swim, cycle, or even cooking a healthy meal!

The usage of Fitness apps seems to be on the rise and FitAd want to take advantage of this.

Its good to see people are trying to stay healthy!

Read more about FitAd here.

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