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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Do We Even Want Snow?

Depending on your age you either love snow, hate snow, or don't really mind it.When you get older snow tends to be more of an inconvenience than a joy. Parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England have been hit heavily by snowfall, to the point where schools were closed and flights were cancelled, however as we go into February many of us have yet to see the white fluff rain down from the sky.

Weathermen have predicted patches of snow every now and again, however nothing major. Some Londoners have seen snow, but just for a brief moment. We've all heard about what happened in America (There was a blizzard) which just proves the saying "too much of anything is never good"

IF it does start to snow properly in more areas of UK, everyone's first reaction will be "oh wow" "so beautiful!"That is of course, before roads start getting closed roads and people start slipping on their bums!

So do we really want snow or can we do without it this year? Perhaps just a light fall would be great!

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