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Friday, 23 January 2015

In stats: going digital in 2015

2015 is the year when everyone stops saying "the world has gone digital". It'll just be how the world is.

It's been helpful to keep reminding ourselves the world is going digital, in order to shift slow-adopters out of the analogue world of work, but in a realm where there are few places that technology has not touched, digital has become the working equivalent of breathing - we don't think about it, we just do it.

Here are some cool stats to illustrate just how digital the world has gone*.

In 2015:

  • There will be more people active on Facebook than living in China - i.e. Facebook will be the world's most populous country;
  • Advertising revenue from the internet will overtake the combined value of ads on newspapers, magazines and billboards;
  • Digital film distribution will swell to claim one fifth of the market (DVD is history);
  • The number of wearable gadgets will surge by 60%;
  • Milton Keynes will start running a fleet of driverless cars;
  • The world will be actually, fully mobile as sales of tablets overtake those of personal computers.
Technology will also begin to suffuse our lives in newer, spookier ways. Our smartphones, for example, will become like mind-readers as 'predictive intelligence' matures.

The Obama's embracing modern technology
Google Now will instantly pull up a timetable when we stand at a bus stop; it can tell from our emails when we are expecting a delivery; and it can learn just how much we love Taylor Swift and pull up her concert dates based on our web search history (I'm actually quite looking forward to that feature).

This will begin to move beyond smartphones: Android watches already support Google Now, but soon we will have smart cars, smart televisions and smart homes. Let's just hope humans can keep up with all the smartness.

* My thanks to The Economist

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