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Monday, 19 January 2015

Things Which are Better on Twitter

There are a few things in life which, though tolerable in reality, are just infinitely, infinitely more appealing on Twitter. And I mean a few. It's basically James Blunt and Tesco Mobile.

Though not actively passing my day with James-Blunt inspired rages, I wasn't exactly a convert of the fan club, until I discovered Blunty on Twitter. Wondering why? Let me give you a few examples...

So though he may not have made a big hit for all of us in the music world, he's definitely created an image for himself in the Twittersphere. Perhaps it's this recent swell in support for him online that made him bold enough to write a letter to the culture minister, who claimed privileged performers are dominating in the British arts.

Blunt's brilliant response claimed that it's Bryant's “populist, envy-based, vote-hunting ideas which make our country crap, far more than me and my shit songs, and my plummy accent”.

Hear, hear James!

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