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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What were the most tweeted moments of this year's Oscars?

Last Sunday, during the 87th Academy Award ceremony, the twitter world exploded with millions of tweets as viewers were joining the conversation using the relevant hashtags. As a matter of fact, about 6 million tweets were generated from this year's Oscars.

Surprisingly or not, the most tweeted moment and most tweeted celebrity of the night was nor a nominee, host, movie or award acceptance. It was actually the music performance of the superstar Lady Gaga which stole the show. No bizarre costumes, extreme back up dancers,  or any of her famous pop hits that everyone might expected to see. In fact, she gave a spectacular power-vocal performance as a tribute to The Sound Of Music. She was then joined by Julie Andrews on stage for the 50th anniversary of the musical, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. That was by far the most tweeted moment of the night with more than 60000 tweets. Additionally, Gaga can also brag about being the most tweeted person of the 2015 Oscars with more than 129000 mentions.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Why Obama is the most Social Media-Savvy President

Whatever your political viewpoints are, there's no contesting that Obama is the most prolific U.S. President across all social media platforms. Of course, it comes as an advantage that the main social media platforms were actually only around during the time of his and George W. Bush's presidency. Facebook was invented in 2004, and Twitter was created in 2006, just a few years before Obama was elected in 2009.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Remi Gaillard's Top 5 pranks

As an active internet user, it's unlikely that you haven't encountered some of the hilarious and famous pranks of Remi Gaillard on your social media. There is nothing the crazy French prankster hasn't done yet. Or at least that he is not prepared to do!  From dressing up in animal or video game character costumes in public, to throwing pies into people's faces, it seems that no one and nothing can stop him! Not even the police, which in fact has been a victim of Remi's pranks several times so far!

The 40 year old prankster was born in Montpellier of France, and he became famous when he started using his free time to have fun in public, after losing his job at a shoe shop. Despite the fact that many people are against his pranks as they consider them to be too extreme, with the scope of humiliating innocent people in public, his YouTube channel has more than 4.7 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views!

Below, we have listed his 5 most watched pranks. Check them out and leave your opinion at the comments! Do you find his pranks funny or offensive?

Rocky - 35 million YouTube views

Friday, 13 February 2015

Please don't let the scientists kick the robots

Google's “moonshot” robotics vision became a little clearer this week with the release of it's latest creation: Spot. Built by Boston Dynamics - the robotics company Google acquired back in 2013 - Spot is an agile, autonomous four-legged robot with an uncanny ability to walk up hills, navigate rough terrain, and stay upright after a swift kick from its human overlord.

You can almost hear the whimper...

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The 5 most shared video advertisements of all-time

At first, some might wonder, “What? Who would want to share advertisements?”. On second thought, what if the adverts are not just typical adverts trying to push a product or service in viewers' face? What if they are smart, creative adverts that manage to grab people’s attention in a way that they can't wait to share them with their friends? Well, that’s when adverts go viral!

According to Unrely.com, which ranks brands' social videos worldwide based on the number of times content has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere, here are the 5 most shared video advertisements of all time.

Note that shares and views are not directly related, meaning that a video that might have less views than another, might in fact have more shares.

Check them out:

#5 Real Sketches Campaign - 4,625,340 shares 

Brand: Dove
YouTube Views: 65 million

Monday, 9 February 2015

What Do Our Street View Habits Say About Us?

Google Street View is by far the simplest way to say 'sayonara' to a good few hours that could be spent doing something practical with actual benefits for our future selves.

Unfortunately, encouraging the cursor to click 'forward, no I said forward - NOT RIGHT!' and strolling jerkily through the streets of Google's maps is an addictive pastime that they best of us unwittingly fall prey to. Whether it's to fondly remember those places we once travelled, or to catch glimpses of those accidental nudists practicing their best boxing punches in the bathroom mirror of their home - there's always something to entice the virtual tourist in us.

Is the dog dead? 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Following publicity stunt, media seek revenge-by-glitter-bomb

My housemate, for some strange reason, is obsessed with glitter (she's American) and couldn't believe it when she stumbled upon site a few weeks back called ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com. For her, this would of been the ultimate gift...

The site promised to ship a glitter bomb, i.e. an envelope stuffed full of glitter, to a friend or enemy anywhere in the world, for just $9.99. Pretty awesome idea, right? Cunningly evil, but benign all the same.