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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Remi Gaillard's Top 5 pranks

As an active internet user, it's unlikely that you haven't encountered some of the hilarious and famous pranks of Remi Gaillard on your social media. There is nothing the crazy French prankster hasn't done yet. Or at least that he is not prepared to do!  From dressing up in animal or video game character costumes in public, to throwing pies into people's faces, it seems that no one and nothing can stop him! Not even the police, which in fact has been a victim of Remi's pranks several times so far!

The 40 year old prankster was born in Montpellier of France, and he became famous when he started using his free time to have fun in public, after losing his job at a shoe shop. Despite the fact that many people are against his pranks as they consider them to be too extreme, with the scope of humiliating innocent people in public, his YouTube channel has more than 4.7 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views!

Below, we have listed his 5 most watched pranks. Check them out and leave your opinion at the comments! Do you find his pranks funny or offensive?

Rocky - 35 million YouTube views

The Snail - 38 million YouTube views

Pac Man - 48 million YouTube views

Mario Kart - 62 million YouTube views

Kangaroo - 63 million YouTube views


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