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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The 5 most shared video advertisements of all-time

At first, some might wonder, “What? Who would want to share advertisements?”. On second thought, what if the adverts are not just typical adverts trying to push a product or service in viewers' face? What if they are smart, creative adverts that manage to grab people’s attention in a way that they can't wait to share them with their friends? Well, that’s when adverts go viral!

According to Unrely.com, which ranks brands' social videos worldwide based on the number of times content has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere, here are the 5 most shared video advertisements of all time.

Note that shares and views are not directly related, meaning that a video that might have less views than another, might in fact have more shares.

Check them out:

#5 Real Sketches Campaign - 4,625,340 shares 

Brand: Dove
YouTube Views: 65 million

#4 A dramatic surprise on a quiet square - 4,735,205 shares 

Brand:TNT Benelux
YouTube Views: 52 million

#3 Dumb ways to die - 4,870,156 shares

Brand:Melbourne Metro Trains
YouTube Views: 98 million

#2 The Force 5,286,124 shares 

Brand: Volkswagen
YouTube Views: 61 million

#1 Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown - 5,891,078 shares 

Brand: Activia
YouTube Views: 456 million

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