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Monday, 9 February 2015

What Do Our Street View Habits Say About Us?

Google Street View is by far the simplest way to say 'sayonara' to a good few hours that could be spent doing something practical with actual benefits for our future selves.

Unfortunately, encouraging the cursor to click 'forward, no I said forward - NOT RIGHT!' and strolling jerkily through the streets of Google's maps is an addictive pastime that they best of us unwittingly fall prey to. Whether it's to fondly remember those places we once travelled, or to catch glimpses of those accidental nudists practicing their best boxing punches in the bathroom mirror of their home - there's always something to entice the virtual tourist in us.

Is the dog dead? 

But how exactly do people use street view, and where are they most likely to go? We asked the AccuraCast team (including our newest members), with the intention of assessing their mental well being and creating individual psychological profiles. (Just kidding).

The responses

I'm most likely to look at: Unfamiliar places that I need to go to, i.e. what do the surrounds look like, how far is it to other areas.Or, the inside of venues e.g. does that look like a good restaurant to go to.

I wish I could see: Not sure, maybe some more real-time things /moving images but I don't know if that's possible. Or, what an area looks like at different times of the year.

I'm most likely to look at: the outside of the building when I'm going for an interview so I won't get lost. 

I wish I could see: remote islands. 

I'm most likely to look at: A city / neighbourhood I’m considering to move in.

I wish I could see: Underwater/Bottom of the sea/Oceans.

I'm most likely to look at: places where I've previously lived and can no longer visit - for example I often find myself wondering down the streets of Tokyo nostalgically. 

I wish I could see: more of the Middle East, particularly after the uprisings to see more of the reality of what's happening there. 

***Currently awaiting psychological analysis to wheedle out the sociopaths from the normals. Check back in a couple of days for the results.***

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