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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Why Obama is the most Social Media-Savvy President

Whatever your political viewpoints are, there's no contesting that Obama is the most prolific U.S. President across all social media platforms. Of course, it comes as an advantage that the main social media platforms were actually only around during the time of his and George W. Bush's presidency. Facebook was invented in 2004, and Twitter was created in 2006, just a few years before Obama was elected in 2009.

While George W. Bush is still yet to make a Twitter profile, Obama has over 55 million followers on Twitter. Get a move on George, even your dad has a Twitter account! Well, George always seemed better at pictures than words in any case, which may explain why he does not shy away from Instagram as a social sharing tool.

In recent months, Obama has made some surprising appearances on various popular content programs. Just in the last week he has appeared on BuzzFeed, one of the most influential internet news media sites, with a reach of more than 200 million monthly unique visitors in 2015. The featured video is entitled 'Things Everybody Does but Doesn't Talk About', check it out:

What did you make of this light-hearted video? Did you get what they were trying to do? 
They have no qualms about hiding the fact that this is obviously a promotional video, to raise awareness about Obama's healthcare plans: http://goo.gl/DFBNhD. It also happens to highlight that the President talks to himself in the mirror and has issues with dunking cookies in milk, don't we all?!

11 months ago Obama did something similar and perhaps even more unusual by appearing on comedian Zach Galifianakis' internet comedy series 'Between Two Ferns'. If you've ever watched an episode of these online celebrity interviews, you may understand why Obama is one of the last people you'd expect to see on the channel! The set resembles a low-budget production and Zach's questions are intentionally awkward and antagonistic. This time, Obama was utilising the comedy channel to spread awareness about Obamacare. Interestingly, Justin Bieber's episode on 'Between Two Ferns' still got more views than the President's... those #Beliebers just won't quit.

What do you think are the benefits or implications of social media for future presidents and politicians? 
What kind of content should they be sharing?

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