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Friday, 27 March 2015

The 5 weirdest mobile apps ever developed

From apps which connect you with strangers in your area for cuddles, to apps which allow you to mark your territory by documenting each place you have -wait for it- pooped(!), we have gathered the 5 weirdest apps you might find yourself tempted to download! Take a look!

Places I've Pooped

Yes, this is exactly what you've read. Literally, this app deserves the "Crappiest App" award! It is all about sharing your poop experiences with your friends. It allows you to take pictures of your "masterpieces", add a location, give ratings and see the "Poop Feed" of your friends. Guess the developer came up with this genius idea while..pooping?


From poop to pee, this app might in fact be useful when you go to the movies and all of a sudden, nature calls! Let's admit it, we all have found ourselves in similar situations, where you have to go to the loop but you don't know whether you are going to miss the best scenes of the movie you've just overpaid! With RunPee you will never have to go through this terrible dilemma of remaining to your seat or heading to the toilet, as the app will simply inform you when it's the best time to run pee! Additionally, it provides you with a movie synopsis, thus, when you return you will know exactly what you have missed. Don't worry about bothering other viewers around you, as RunPee will notify you by vibration.

Pimple Popper

As simple as that. Forget about breaking candies on candy crash as it is now time to pop some pimples. So, if you fancy popping your real pimples, but unfortunately you've run out of them, then this app will keep you busy. Some say it is addictive, so think twice before downloading it.


Cuddlr is the innocent version of Tinder (yeah right) . If you feel lonely during the day, or night, you can just use this location-based social networking app that will connect you with other lonely people in your area searching for hugs. Then, you can just meet and cuddle. Suggestion: If you find many people in your area looking for someone, why not meet them all together for some cute group cuddles?

Paper Racing

What a surprise, another app about toilets!  As described by its developers, this is "the best way to release your pressure! It's a simple yet addictive game that gives you a little hand exercise by dragging off a roll of toilet paper". So, no need to join the gym and pay the monthly fee! You can simply replace your biceps and triceps exercises with Paper Racing. The best part is that there is a multiple mode where you can challenge other players. Question: Will there be any toilet paper left for your real needs?

Seriously, who could have thought of developing such weird apps? Well, if there is a place in the market, why not right? Are you using any of the apps mentioned or maybe thinking of downloading them? Don't be shy, tell us in the comments below!

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