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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Google Logo Challenge - Do you remember the exact colours of Google's logo?

You most probably see this logo tens of times per day. It's even likely that Chrome is your default browser and Google is set as your homepage. However, when it comes to testing your memory, how good are you? How easily can you remember the exact colours (and order) of the letters in Google's logo? You might think it's easy but it's not!

I showed the black and white Google logo to my colleagues in the office and asked them to try to remember the exact colours of the letters and the right order. It turned out that this was harder than expected! 

Take a look at what they've answered:

Antoine: Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green (4/5)

Katrina: Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red (5/5)

Luke: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Red, Green (3/5)

Sharyse: Red, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green (1/5)

HollieBlue, Green, Yellow, Green, RedOrange (Orange?! 2/5)

All 5 participants guessed correctly the yellow letter! However, only 1 out of 5 was 100% successful, but as she honestly admitted, this was just by randomly guessing! 

So... Blue-Red-Yellow-Blue-Green-Red is the right answer!

Congrats Katrina! You are the one and only winner of the Google Logo Challenge!
Here is your prize:

How good is your memory? Could you find the right colours of the letters? Post your answers below!

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