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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Which are the 10 most liked brands on Facebook?

With more than a billion registered users, there is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most effective digital platforms for brands to reach their audience, build relationships and promote their products or services.

As modern advertising requires, every small and large organization around the world, has to create an online presence by putting their brand out on social media. If your brand does not have a social media presence, then it does not exist. As simple as that! However, just creating a Facebook page is not enough. There has to be a well planned strategy in order to successfully make the most of it. Many brands failed while others have managed to use it effectively and grow their online fan base to millions, by providing great content while building engagement from loyal followers.

Wondering which brands have nailed it? According to Socialbakers, these are the 10 most liked brands on Facebook:

10. Starbucks - 35 585 242 Likes

09. Nike Football - 36 427 229 Likes

08. KFC - 37 060 997 Likes

07. Playstation - 37 101 392 Likes

06. Converse - 37 537 728 Likes

05. Samsung Mobile - 39 157 617 Likes

04. Oreo - 39 849 113 Likes

03. Red Bull - 42 948 660 Likes

02. McDonald's - 56 625 512 Likes

 01. Coca-Cola - 89 584 277 Likes

Has your favourite brand made it in the top 10? Which other brands do you think are doing a great job with their Facebook strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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