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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Typing and Clicking too much effort? Use your brain instead.

Brainwave technology is something that has been the clear next step in the digital world. Some elements of it have been seen in games and medical equipment but it has never really progressed. 

However, in August of last year the technology took a huge jump, a experiment was conducted where a man from India telepathically sent an email to a man in France, it was successful. Using headsets that pick and receive electrical currents it was possible.

Now in June 2015 the BBC has taken things a whole leap further, allowing people to control iPlayer with their minds. Using the same brainwave technology as with the emails, iPlayer detects the moods of the user and plays programmes based on that or selection can be controlled by the user.  

This technology, though just in the experimental stages, has come a long way quickly. The BBC said that it is "an idea of how this technology might be used in the future, but it worked for everyone that has used it in testing". It wont take a long time before this new software makes it ways into homes. 

Telepathic communication comes with hundreds of possibilities and benefits. Particularly for disabled users, who would not have to use their hands or much movement. In the years to come who knows where this technology could take us. 

Reviews of BBC staff and how it work:

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