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Friday, 24 July 2015

It's an Uber sad day for a Cornetto

Uber, the notorious ride share taxi service, have picked the coldest and wettest day of the British summer so far to drive around giving people free ice cream.

The news was announced on their newsroom yesterday, and here in the office we were gearing ourselves up for a full-on Cornetto feast, perhaps enjoyed with a spot of "sunbathing by the window" (as Uber optimistically suggested).


Was this the most poorly timed PR move of the season? In a twist of fates, it might even rival Snapple's attempt at a publicity stunt, when they made the world’s largest popsicle, only to have it melt and flow through the streets of New York on one of the hottest days of the year.

Of course we still took up Uber on their offer (it's free ice cream after all!), but were sadly beaten by the other 8 million reluctantly cynical inhabitants of London looking for a perk on a Friday afternoon. 

Maybe the Cornetto was our and Uber's collective downfall. For any fan of Simon Pegg will know, things tend to take a turn for the disastrous as soon as someone orders a Cornetto!

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