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Friday, 17 July 2015

Top brands that are killing it on Instagram

As the growth of Instagram starts to rival that of Twitter and Facebook (little way off yet) it is clear why businesses are jumping on the band-wagon. This image-based form of social media, with 300 million user, is definitely the new method companies are using entice their customers. Instagram offers a more engaging way to market your company and bring real excitement into it.

Bypassing the complications of language barriers, images appeal globally, this is one of the main reasons why Instagram has been such a success. It has now become crucial for brands to have their own accounts and make them as exciting as possible for their consumers.

Getting Instagram to work for you can be a challenge, being one of the newer forms of social media, there is often many mistakes made. Here are a few of the company's that are just getting it really really right:

Go Pro 
Admittedly they do have a helping hand when it comes to a picture based platform but that doesn't mean they go at it half-heartedly. It is clear that their main aim is to upload the most exciting and impressive image possible, taken with their product, and they definitely manage it!

With pictures from anything a danger-seeker would love, from swimiming with various sea life to rocketing off into space. This account is a thrill to scroll through, even if you do get a little envious!  

National Geographic 
The beauty captured in this Instagram page makes its clear why 25.3m people follow their every move. As well as being educational (yes it is possible) they are able to show us the fantastic wonders of the worlds that we know nothing about. Photographs varies from deep sea mysteries to majestic animals to the people of the world.

Along with each picture there is information about where it came from, who took it and what is happening. These small snippets from people's lives help make each post that little bit more exciting.


One of the more unexpected kings of Instagram, regularly posts pictures of there delightful figures, major events and advertising campaigns. That might all be standard but where they excel is the comedy they inject into every post. They also have a beautiful way of reminding people of all ages they are children on the inside (and really want to play with Lego!).

With a huge and massively dedicated fan-base already it is not a surprise why Xbox has so many followers. However it is clear they did not want to let their avid following down, with an incredibly clever focus on the visual aspect of Inst gram, the company has an account that's possibly the best looking one around right now. Its full of incredible photos that have been set up to not look good but to also make you think about how they did it.

This coffee empire have taken a real shine to Instagram and mass following reflects that, in particular they enjoy sharing pictures of Starbucks coffee all over the globe. Whether there is snow or bright sunshine there is always time for a quick Starbucks, this has the ability to make people feel connected even if they are the other side of the world.

Using a lot of hash-tags on their pictures (e.g. #Starbucks, #IcedCoffee) makes it more likely for even more people to see the post, as if 5.2 million isn't enough!  

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